Our Expertise in Data Migration Service.

Software Migration Services At Tomadata, we provide migration services for enterprise-class apps, servers, operating systems, databases, websites, and IT infrastructures.

Website Migration Services Our Tomadata developers present website migration services for businesses whose sites currently require bandwidth, advanced functionality or are housed by poor or collapsed web hosts.

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Cloud Migration Services To better strengthen organizations' data and take benefit of big data web services, we perform cloud-to-cloud and on-premises server-to-cloud migrations, transferring assets to the public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Database Migration Services At Tomadata, we process custom services for migrating databases to new servers. We migrate various data types, as well as business logic schemas by using ETL (extract-transform-load).

Server Migration Services At Tomadata, we implement server migration solutions for several middleware components.

Enterprise Platform Migration Services Our developers perform fast upgrades for legacy enterprise platforms and migrate all data and business logic to new platforms.

Know The Types of Data Migrations

  • -Storage Migration.

  • -Database Migration.

  • -Application Migration.

  • -Cloud Migration.

Benefits of Data Migration

  • -Adopt Smarter Software & Systems.

  • -Helps in Resolving Anomalies and Errors in the Current System.

  • -Aid Custom Reports Over the Data Warehouse.

  • -Help in Acquisition And Alliances.

Know- How Do We Go On Data Migration

  • -Strat data migration processes using templates and guides.

  • -Identify legacy sources and drive specification of demands for data migration.

  • -Create profiles of data sets and drive analytics.

  • -Identify and implement data defect detection rules.

  • -Drive data validation processes.

About Tomadata

Whether your company is migrating its data to the cloud, doing a tech refresh, or making corrections to your data center storage strategy, Tomadata has the extensive knowledge and experience that necessary to get the work done securely and efficiently. Tomadata can take care of the whole migration process from plan, development, documents, and content. Our team has proved that these are an important part of the success of the project. These features usually require collaboration among various groups, while always keeping the branding and message consistency across sites - which can influence the workload needed.

When we work with you on the data migration project, we include business and technical stakeholders in placing the objectives and take the time upfront to define data management processes and configure and test migrations.

Know The Data Migration Cases

  • -Data Migration From on-prem to Cloud Solutions.

  • -Analyze and Monitor Available Data in The Warehouse.

  • -Upgrade Systems to New System/Software.

  • -Brand Mergers.

Tools We Use For Data Migrations

  • -CloverETL.

  • -Alooma.

  • -Snaplogic.

  • -Middleware.

  • -Fivetran.

  • -Pentaho.

  • -Matillion.

Why Tomadata is The Best Place for Data Migration?

Data migration must be scoped with the initial brief and estimated to identify what technology is required, as this will reduce developers' work and provide the correct resources to be allocated. At Tomadata, before we put together a data migration strategy for your business, we will take the time to assess what your company truly needs to have a successful migration.

Customers Joining Tomadata to Receive The Benefits Of,

A world-class team with extensive experience in delivering data migration services Our time-tested and proven solutions developed through years of execution Increased data quality and decreased risk of continued business operations Customer Satisfaction

Transparent, collaborative, communicative

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